heapace Israel
 Promoting Mental Health for Youth and Young Adults

headspace Israel, under the direction of Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association, is a unique program designed to promote the mental health of youth and young adults aged 12-25. Integrating therapeutic, social, and community approaches, the program focuses on early intervention and prevention, ensuring accessibility and customization of services to address the distinct needs of youth and their families.

Inspired by the successful headspace model in Australia, which was established in 2006 and operates over 130 centers nationwide for youth and young adults, headspace Israel has been operational since 2014. The Israeli model incorporates three parallel approaches: the promotion of health, prevention, and therapeutic interventi.

At headspace, we aim to address challenges as early as possible

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of highly experienced mental health professionals, including clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists, all accredited by leading institutions, as well as management and
operational staff.

Each staff member specializes in working with youth and adolescents, incorporating diverse therapeutic tools from areas such as individual psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mentalization, compassion, trauma, gender, attention disorders, art therapy, body-mind therapy, and psychodrama.

Our Models

We offer various successful models and tailored made solutions for both individuals, groups and professional teams:

headspace Center

The headspace Center offers comprehensive therapeutic interventions for both individuals and groups, including short-term, focused therapeutic sessions (up to 15 sessions) for adolescents, young individuals (ages 12-25), and their families. The services also include parental guidance, psychiatric support, mentorship, and treatment coordination.

Additionally, it involves social and community work beyond the center, collaborating with teams in formal and informal education, health, and welfare. These services provide team support and training, workshops promoting mental health, training sessions, and group activities.

Online services provide individual and group therapy, offering online guidance and advice on mental well-being and resilience. This accessible service, adapted to the language of the youth, reduces waiting times and minimizes instances of missed therapeutic sessions.

This service is offered with no cost!

headspace For You

We use a need-mapping process to create a personalized basket of services:

* Workshops for the Promotion of Mental Health
Group workshops focused on building resilience, addressing a range of topics relevant to everyday life situations, including transitions, decision-making, sexual health, identity, and fostering positive self-image.

* Therapeutic Groups
Targeted group interventions – short-term sessions designed for groups of 12-15 participants, addressing challenges, anxiety, social skills, substance use patterns, addictive behaviors, and loneliness.

* “Open Door”
Single-session consulting meetings with professional therapists.

* Clinical Management
Training, guidance, implementation, and model-based training for therapeutic centers.

* Team Guidance and Training
Weekly sessions for professionals working with youth, offering a platform for consultation on emotional and mental challenges and addressing various aspects of crisis resolution.

Benefits of headspace

Speaking their Language

Multidisciplinary Team

A Comprehensive Toolbox

Agile approach

Tailored made solutions


Success and Impact​

We conduct internal measurement and assessment to examine and understand the challenges faced by adolescents, alongside the goal of evaluating and refining our operational model. Effectiveness is gauged, among other factors, by examining a reduction in emotional distress and an enhancement of mental well-being. This evaluation involves the administration of self-report questionnaires multiple times throughout and after the therapeutic intervention, along with the analysis of data collected in the course of the therapy using a dedicated CRM system facilitating continuous analysis and monitoring.

headspace’s unique perspective regards the young service recipient as a member of the community, emphasizing the importance of relationships and support within their environment (parents, teachers, educational teams, and youth mentors). These factors are integral elements in the process of promoting the mental health of youth and young adults.

Embracing a holistic perspective centered on health promotion, prevention, and therapeutic intervention, as advocated by the headspace model, encourages a shift in mindset, cultural transformation, and the development of a new discourse surrounding mental health for youth and young adults.