Guiding Principles

1. Acquiring Knowledge and Tools
promoting mental health among youth and young adults requires community support, yet parents and staff often feel ill-equipped due to a lack of knowledge, language, and tools. headspace provides valuable and accessible insights, offering information on age-specific characteristics, lifestyle habits, and developing routines, as well as tools for building resilience and managing stress through learning kits, training, and workshops.

2. Establishing Non-Therapeutic Support Systems
within the framework of the headspace Sponsorship program, we encourage non-therapeutic processes of personal growth and the creation of supportive, secure environments for the well-being of youth. With our guidance and training, sponsors serve as another source of emotional support, even if not explicitly therapeutic, through activities like workshops, mentoring, and nutritional and physical fitness guidance.

3. Training and Guidance for Youth Services Teams
 municipal entities responsible for providing youth services often require a deeper understanding of the needs of youth and young adults. The guidance and training encompass initiating processes and interventions aimed at establishing supportive environments that nurture the mental health and well-being of youth. This includes clinical counseling, assisting in the formulation of individualized treatment plans, and collaborative consultation on challenges and needs that arise.

4. Initiating Activities/Units that Promote
Mental Health
: recognizing the need for language integration across various levels, headspace focuses on providing activities that address topics promoting mental health. These activities include lectures related to sexual health and risk behaviors, as well as municipal initiatives that encourage a lifestyle fostering mental health and resilience.