Our Professional Approach

Our operational model adopts a multi-dimensional, multi-layered approach that takes into account a range of features, circles, and layers. Its objective is to position itself across sectors in order to establish a universal language. This language integrates systemic thinking within the municipal framework and establishes collaborative interfaces with representatives from education, welfare, health, and immigrant absorption sectors. It also involves cooperation with representatives from nonprofit organizations, informal education, and other municipal service providers.

This approach is grounded in the belief that systematic collaboration with all entities, systems, and individuals interacting with the target audience will facilitate the optimal integration of a shared language promoting mental health. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of being able to provide customized solutions for groups with unique characteristics, such as Ethiopian immigrants, the Arab sector, the ultra-Orthodox sector, former Soviet Union immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community.

The headspace program aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of mental health concepts and to promote them, targeting both the general population and at-risk groups through intermediary factors. The program emphasizes the cultivation and application of mental health-promoting behaviors, while also nurturing a sense of responsibility and self-efficacy.

The clinical model of the headspace program is based on the stepped care approach, offering a range of therapeutic interventions and health promotion strategies. These interventions are customized in terms of intensity, duration, and nature for each stage in the development of the disorder.